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Sunday, December 10, 2017


Available on both iOS and Android, SG BusLeh was launched in 2015 and was designed to be extremely fast, simple & easy to use! It is the 1st bus app in Singapore to feature Singlish, and has won the Most Innovation Solution award from LTA in 2016.

I have downloaded it recently to give it a try, and I must say I quite like it! :)


My favourite feature of this app is the 'Stalk Bus' feature which allows me to see the actual current physical location of upcoming buses. This, coupled with the predicted bus timings provide an increased assurance of accuracy on bus arrivals:

The app is able to predict how full each bus will be when it arrives, and also whether upcoming bus are double deckers, bendy or single decks (this feature is pretty important to me hahaha I like double deckers).

In addition, you are able to view the bus timings of ALL the buses of that particular bus stop in one go! This saves a lot of hassle as you do not need to individually click on each bus number.

And as you can see from the photo on the left, the app also provide SMRT train timings, which is definitely a bonus!:

Another feature that I like is this 'Add to Favourites' feature where you can 'bookmark' the bus stop(s) you frequent the most. Simply click on the Favourites tab and there will be a list of bus stops that you have saved.

What's more, you can rename the bus stop to your liking!:

SG Busleh can also notify you when you are arriving at your destination stop, with an indication of your current location as well as the number of stops + distance till you arrive:

I've yet to try this, but apparently you can check your EZ-link card balance using your phone (on supported devices) too!

The app is developed by Originally US, one of the top mobile app developers in Singapore. It specializes in designing and developing mobile apps that look and feel great, and its clients include insurance giant AIA, River Safari, Mediacorp, CPF and Zalora.

Not convinced? If you'd like to know more before downloading the app, here's a (slightly outdated) BusLeh app feature overview video:

Thursday, November 30, 2017

[ADVERT] OSIM uGem 2 and uScalp

The festive season is just around the corner, and looking fresh and ready for the occasion with good complexion and shiny hair is definitely a bonus! :)

I've been using OSIM's latest massagers – OSIM uGem 2 Beauty Massager and the uScalp Scalp Massager, for about a week now and I have seen some subtle effects.

1. uGem 2 Beauty Massager
The 18k Rose Gold plated design already had me at first sight! :D I also love how lightweight & portable it is:

Usage of it is also very easy - simply glide uGem2 across problem areas such as the chin, forehead, smile lines and cheekbones areas.
The micro-massage vibrations will then penetrate deep into the skin with 6000 pulses per minute.

Signs of aging (i.e. sagging face, water retention, droopy eyes/ dark circles and dull skin complexion) can now be countered with uGem2!

Use the massager 5-10 minutes daily with your favourite moisturiser/cream before bedtime, and you are onward to having a firmer, V-shaped face:

Benefits of the OSIM uGem 2:
1. Firms and tones the skin, creating a V-shaped face
2. Gets rid of puffy face
 and reduces water retention
3. Reduces eye bags, giving tired eyes a boost
4. Smooths out wrinkles and fine lines
5. Relieves headache

I did a before-and-after test on my hand to see the immediate effect!
Both were taken under the same lighting, and after massaging for ~a minute, my skin instantly brightened up:

The is also a very slight change in the gradient of my face, as seen from the faint white lines drawn across:

2. uScalp Salon-style Scalp Massager
A problem that I have been facing recently is hair loss/thinning. I still have an okay-amount of hair, but nothing comparable to what I had 10 years ago :(
Too much dyeing and chemical treatment + stress (HAHA... or probably just age...) have caused me to drop a lot of hair.

With the OSIM uScalp, these can be achieved:

1. Increased blood circulation to promote hair growth
2. Strengthened hair roots for healthier hair
3. Relieved stress, tension & headache

4. Relaxed mind & body

5. Improved sleep quality

With a multi-dimensional scrubbing action, the 28 nodes of the uScalp mimic the fingers of a hair professional to grip the scalp and enhance blood circulation:

The rubber material of the nodes helps in gripping and also prevents over-exertion of pressure on the scalp:

To increase the effectiveness of the massager, simply use it with a shower cap. The natural steam generated can open up pores to allow toxins to escape and at the same time increase collagen production:

The uScalp can be used on the neck as well:

The nodes are easily detachable which makes washing and cleaning very hassle-free!

From now till 31 Dec 2017, enjoy the uGem 2 Beauty Massager or uScalp Salon-style Scalp Massager at only S$99 each (U.P. S$149 each)! Again, these are very ideal and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones!

Both items are available at all OSIM Stores, Roadshows and Online Webshop at Give them a try and let me know which you like better! :)

Even Tosh Zhang and Apple from Ah Boys to Men are using it:

With Christmas just a month away and if you are still fretting over gifts, don’t miss out OSIM’s Christmas collection 
Prices start as low as S$68 for TWO awesome gift items. My top picks are the uMist Dream Humidifier, uPure 2 Water Purifier as well as the uSnooz Neck Pillow! :D

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

[ADVERT] Gaston Luga Backpack - Pråper White

Received my 2nd Pråper backpack from Gaston Luga, this time in the purest colour White! A colour and design that is simple, elegant yet stylish at the same time.

Made using strong durable canvas with a pretty decent storage space, I like to use it for staycations or short trips.

Also comes with strong metallic hooks, adjustable with four levels to suit your packing needs!:

Other features include:

- An inner 13-15" laptop sleeve and two pockets
- GL's signature Passport pocket on the back
- Adjustable shoulder straps
- 4 metallic 'feet' at the base for extra protection,
- Key ring holder for Leather Address Tag (read below!)

For the upcoming holiday season, Gaston Luga has a limited offer in which a FREE leather address tag will be added to every backpack order (while stocks last)! :)

They can be used with Gaston Luga's backpacks and other luggages to allow them to stand out from the crowd.


For all my readers, quote 'lovethekisses15' on checkout at to receive a 15% off their products! Also enjoy 20% off and tax rebate and FREE shipping! :D

Thank you again Gaston Luga!

Monday, October 30, 2017


Any chair can now be a massage chair with OSIM’s latest portable and versatile full back massager, uJolly!

Some benefits of massage include:
- Increasing blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body
- Promoting faster muscle recovery and healing
- Relaxing tensed muscles for greater flexibility

The first time I was given the chance to try it was right after my dance rehearsal and I couldn't be more relieved because my muscles were so sore and tensed. I usually go for a full body massage only once in 2-3 months due to time constraint and the cost per session (around S$90??).

OSIM uJolly’s innovative Dual-Action V-Grip massage technology comes with 2 massage techniques – Shoulder Grip & Lumbar Press. I opted for this V-Grip as it mimics the gripping and pressing technique of deep tissue massage, loosening stiff and aching muscles.
It also works along the contours of the body to provide a precise and human-like massage, which was exactly what I needed then.

I was able to adjust the position of the grip and once it hit the targetted spot, the sensation was abit pain but shiok at the same time hahaha. I loved it.

Another area that usually bears more weight and tends to stiffen up is my lower back. The Lumbar Press technique also presses and glides along the lumbar to relieve pressure on the back.

Besides this massage technology, there is also the Relax auto massage program, which is a combination of gentle kneading, rolling and tapping, as well as the Energise program, an invigorating massage to stimulate and rejuvenate the body and mind.

OSIM uJolly fits conveniently onto most chairs, loungers and beds, hence saving lots of space. Get to enjoy a rejuvenating massage right at the comforts of your own home/office! :)

I have been reading while massaging at the same time and it is so comfortable hehe.

If you're thinking of getting an ideal gift (psssttt... Christmas is coming!) for your loved ones, here's your chance!
For a limited time only, enjoy S$70 off OSIM uJolly @ only an affordable price of S$429 (U.P. $499) / S$36 per month (based on 12 months instalment) when you pay with DBS/POSB credit, debit or NETS card at any OSIM Outlets today!

** Also, for OSIM Webshop Exclusive, quote “lovethekisses” for S$70 off uJolly + free delivery, and receive a FREE pair of Beauty Socks when you purchase an OSIM uJolly during checkout on! :D
Promotion is valid till 31st November 2017.

Available in Merry Red and Happy Yellow at all OSIM Stores, Roadshows or online at :)


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Caught on film!

Had a super impromptu shoot with Coby Travis (who also did my pink hair shoot previously!) last week, right after I got my hair trimmed and scalped treated hehe. Loved the colours from his film camera! :D

(Thank you again, Black Hair Salon!)

We found this stray trolley along the route. There wasn't any label to indicate where it came from... so we decided to use it as a prop hahaha:

Ever since I changed to a new Macbook 3 months ago, I haven't been able to edit photos cos I don't have Photoshop hereeee hence the lack of updates :(
Been wanting to do up my Bali post which is so overdued hahahaa oh weeelllll. Till next time (which idk when)!!